Beat the Heat

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Following the latest Met Office heat wave alert, NHS England is continuing to remind people to be aware of the health risks of hot weather.

Keep in touch

man in blue polo shirt carrying girl in white and pink floral dress

Look after yourself, older people and the young

man sitting on bench reading newspaper

Listen to the weather forecast and the news

woman in white and gray sweater writing on white paper

Plan ahead to avoid
the heat

Keep well

man pouring water in glass

Drink plenty of fluids and
avoid excess alcohol

Dress appropriately
for the weather

woman in white vest and black bikini with hand on chest

Slow down
when it is hot

Find somewhere cool

white sash window opened

Know how to keep
your home cool

person standing surrounded by leaves

Go indoors or outdoors,
whichever feels cooler

dog leaning his head on car window

Cars get hot, avoid
closed spaces

Watch out

man using binoculars

Be on the lookout for signs of heat related illness

persons hand with silver ring

Cool your skin with water, slow down and drink water

girl in white tank top on swimming pool during daytime


person holding white Android smartphone in white shirt

Get help.
Call NHS 111
or in an
emergency 999