National Energy Foundation

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Need help with your energy bills? There are a number of of projects run by the National Energy Foundations that can help; such as:

  1. Emergency Fuel Vouchers – worth £49 for anyone on a prepayment meter who is struggling to top up. 
  2. Free Home Energy Visit Service – a trained home energy advisor will visit the patients home to help with energy bills, insulation of property, heating system, and energy and money saving tips.
  3. Small Measures Grant – provide fully funded energy efficiency items to reduce energy bills.  This can cover things like draught exclusion measures, emergency heaters, electric blankets, thermal curtains, and dehumidifiers for damp and mould issues.  This is very easy to access, and the advisors can run through what is available and will help complete applications for patients.
  4. Energy Efficiency Case Management – service for patients going through funding for insulation or heating system replacements.  The project works closely with a network of over 60 Trust Mark registered and fully vetted installers across the country, putting residents in contact with the installer and being a single point of contact the whole way through application, survey and installation.

Simply contact the freephone number: 0800 107 0044 to discuss your options.